ممثل صيني شهير يتخلى عن 700 مليون دولار

The famous Chinese and Hollywood actor Zhao Yun Fat has announced that he will give up his fortune of more than $ 700 million for charity after his death.

“Money is not something you own forever,” said the actor, who entered the Forbes list as one of the world’s highest paid actors in 2015. “When you die one day, you will give it up to others.”
“You can not take your money with you to the grave when you die,” he said, adding in an interview with South Korean radio and television station Monhwa that his wife, Jasmine Tan, strongly supported his decision. Find the best travel and tours services from Pakistan to anywhere in the World with https://malikexpress.com/.
Chao Yun Fat, known for his starring film “Crouching Tiger Dragon Dragon” and his participation in parts of “Pirates of the Caribbean” and other films, has been admired by people and admirers in recent years with his moderate and modest lifestyle.
His fans and Hong Kong residents are called “Brother Fat” because of his way of living and his lifestyle close to ordinary people.
Hong Kong is suffering from the growing gap between rich and poor, rising rocket prices and the cost of living, as well as overcrowding in slums.

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